Minako Honda Session


This was my very first pro recording session when I moved to Los Angeles. Many thanks to my friend Scott Sheets (Pat Benatar) who believed I could pull this session off. Minako Honda (RIP) was Japan’s equivalent to Britney Spears, I recorded these 2 songs, which appeared on her 1989 EMI/Sony Japan release. These tracks feature LA studio legend Tim Pierce on guitar, and I believe Jonathon Cain (Journey) piano and Rudy Sarzo and Gary Shea on bass. We recorded both basic tracks at the now defunct Master Control Studio in Burbank, California. Just guitar and drums. I was a bit nervous to say the least. The great Myron Grombacher (Pat Benatar) played drums splendidly on the rest of the tracks. Btw. Lee Aaron, who wrote Heat Me Up is responsible for dozens of hit songs you’ve heard of.



Format: CD

Released by EMI Japan 1989-07-05 on Cd (CT32-5510)


Minako Honda: Lead Vocals

Gary Shea: Bass

Rudy Sarzo: Bass

Tim Pierce: Guitar

Frank Briggs: Drums

Myron Grombacher: Drums



1. Katte Ni Sasete (Let Me Follow My Way)

(Micky/Scott Sheets)

2. Hearts on Fire

(/Scott Sheets)

3. Walk Away*

(/Scott Sheets)

4. Helter Skelter

(Lennon/McCartney. Arrangement:Scott Sheets)

5. Asamade (Until Dawn)

(Minako/Scott Sheets)

6. Heat Me Up (That’s What You’re Doing To Me)*

(Jonathan Cain/Lee Aaron/John Albani. Arrangement:Scott Sheets.

7. Slow Walk


8. Kill Me
(/ )

9. Ai Ga Kikoeru (The Call For Love)


10. Surrender

(Stan Bush/Jonathan Cain/Lenny MacAluso/Lee Aaron/John Albani. Arrangement:Scott Sheets)

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