As of 1/1/2021 The Drum School is closed and archived. I have retired from the hustle, and will no longer be giving lessons (online or in person), clinics, gigging, recording or touring. It’s all good. Only past members will have login privileges.

I am honored by all the great players who came through here. To all 1,734 members, you exceeded my expectations. I am very proud of what we accomplished, and extremely thankful for your 7+ years of support. This was a massive undertaking, and you made it worthwhile.

I am looking forward to the next chapter.


PS: If you have been a paid member, or given a complimentary membership and are having trouble logging in, contact me at frankbriggsmusic at gmail.com and I will fix it. I am not maintaining some things, and I am not answering most questions. If there is an issue, usually logging out and back in will take care of it, also if this site breaks that will be the end of it. Videos will remain accessible on Vimeo, until they are not.

PSS: I recorded this live for Drumeo a few years back. For anyone who didn’t get to be a member of this school, there is a lot of information in this video that demonstrates my approach. It’s not about your teacher. It’s about you. The information is out there. Practice hard, and play with other musicians.