Hotz Converse Session


I recorded this in 1985 in Auburn, NY with a great guitar player named Joel ‘Hotz’ Converse. Hotz is no longer with us, but this music lives on, and I’m so glad it does. I didn’t get to hear my track until almost 20 years after I recorded it. I think Hotz knew he was sick and finished up some recordings he had lying around. Apparently the reason it wasn’t finished at the time was the bright tempo we chose. This is my only take. He played a guide guitar track with me in the studio. I don’t believe there was a click track, and of course the session was recorded to tape. After the first pass, he says to me “that’s perfect” and wouldn’t let me do another take. I was using Pete Mendillo’s (Survivor, Savoy Brown) Recording Custom set. It reminded me of The Dregs in some ways, and I think Ann Adessa kills the vocal. Hotz wrote this song, and is playing guitar and bass.