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There are currently 8 live on demand drum set courses, and many more courses and lessons waiting in the wings to be introduced in the near future. All details are available on your account page which becomes active when you join the site. You’ll find an area for favorites, profile picture, password, store purchases, active courses, completed courses and tips on how to get the most out of your membership. New material is added every week.

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Speaking of memberships, there is a free level that gives you access to the store and free lessons posted in the blog. Fill out the form below and check your email for a verification link. Click it and fill out a username and password, done.

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The video page includes a couple dozen performances from various projects. If you are interested in having me record for you this site can make that process easy. Send me your files and I can send back real drums, raw, or ready to plugin stems for your project. There will also be loop packages available soon.

I give drum lessons in Los Angeles four days a week. See my calendar for more details if you are interested. The Store has a few dozen play along songs, music, books and soon; loops and video lessons, even some free stuff if you’re a registered member.

My studio is available for tracking, voice over and overdubs. See the Studio page for more details.

The Blog has free lessons, lots of posts and is updated regularly. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and join my mailing list to stay on top of what happening here.

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    • "Frank's Modern Drum Set method is a well organized system of written and aural material to develop drum set skills, a great book and audio package. Congratulations, i know how hard book work can be"
      Ed ShaughnessyEd Shaughnessy
      Tonight Show, Count Basie
    • "Frank has written a book that covers the full spectrum of drumming, from the basics to some very advanced polyrhythmic concepts. I recommend "Complete Modern Drum Set" to any serious drummer"
      Chad WackermanChad Wackerman
      Frank Zappa, Alan Holdsworth, Steve Wilson
    • "Complete Modern Drum Set is one of the most comprehensive collections of material for the working drummer on the market today, covering some of the most important and "usable" styles of music"
      Mike HaidMike Haid
      Modern Drummer Magazine
    • "I have studied privately with Frank for years and it has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my playing…If you cant get him in person, his book is the next best thing"
      Craig ThatcherCraig Thatcher
      Christopher Cross, Independent educator
    • "Frank is one of the best drummer/musicians I know. He is versatile, and a virtuoso. He has a very serious and intense groove, knows all the styles, and plays mind blowing solos. He is a world renowned drum teacher, has a great attitude, is a positive and helpful human, and a blessing to the planet"
      Kit WalkerKit Walker
      Airto, Flora Purim, Neil Schon
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