16th Note Groove (One Handed)

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This is actually a much more difficult groove to play than it appears at first but the advantages of working up the ability to play one handed sixteenth notes on the hi hat are many. It has a different sound and feel than playing 2 handed 16th notes. Choosing one handed or two handed is up to the discretion of the drummer. The tracks below are some of my favorite examples of this groove. James Gadson (Bill Withers) and Jeff Porcaro (Michael McDonald) owned it. These songs would not feel the same played 2 handed. The track I'm playing to is a pop track from Jim Riley's book 'Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer'. Pick that book up at Amazon as I will be using a few tracks here for examples. The workbook provided has some cool and tricky figures that will help you master this. The one handed 16th will also help with some latin grooves later in this course. The Moeller down up stroke is how you should play the hi hat. I explain that stroke in Reading & Syncopation.