Groove Elements

The Groove Elements Course is a series of practice routines designed to give you practical skills and material that can be used in a variety of musical situations. It is a great course for getting your ghost notes under control. In Module One of this course we will keep steady 16th notes between the hi hat and snare while executing various accents over ostinatos on the bass drum and hi hat. All unaccented snare drum notes should be played very light or ghosted. The left foot can be added when the right hand part is moved to the ride cymbal. You can also use these as "Second Line" patterns by swinging the feel. If you haven't taken the Reading and Syncopation course yet that may help prepare you for the tutorials presented here. Module Two introduces 4 single paradiddle stickings RLRR-LRLL, RRLR-LLRL, RLLR-LRRL, RLRL-LRLR. Each sticking is orchestrated on the drums in various ways to suit different musical styles or situations. As in the other courses the videos will show you various ways to practice depending on your level. Take your time. There is quite a bit of material here that is useful and applicable to many musical situations.

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150 learners taking this course

150 learners taking this course

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